FSVGS Membership

The categories of membership shall include Regular, Associate and


*(a)Regular members are required to be in good standing as                         described in Article 6, Section D of the Constitution.

*(b)Regular members have the right to vote.

*(c)Can be an officer of the Corporation and/or a member of 
                    the  Executive Committee.

*(d)Can be a Committee Chairperson.

*(e)Only regular members are counted for the Constitution of a                      Quorum.


*(a)Required to be in good standing as described in Article 6, Section D, except that the attendance requirement does not apply.  However, in order to be eligible for Regular Membership, an Associate Member is required to have attended at least 60% of the meetings for the prior period, September through June.


Honorary membership may be conferred on individuals who, by virtue of their deeds and/or positions, have demonstrated active support of the aims and objectives of the organization. Honorary members shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as regular members, except that they may not vote or hold elected office *or be counted for the constitution of a quorum.


Regular Membership in the Organization shall be applied for in writing and shall be approved by a vote of at least 51% of the existing regular members.

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There shall be non-refundable application fee of Ten ($10.00) dollars from all applicants, payable at the time of their written application for membership.

     Annual Dues

Membership dues shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) annually and payable to the Treasurer no later that 10 days into the fiscal year.

     Penalties and Cost

There shall be a penalty in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) assessed against any member whose check has not been honored by a bank.  It shall also be the responsibility of that member to immediately satisfy all costs incurred in the handling and processing of that bad check.  Failure of a member too pay the $10.00 penalty and to reimburse the Organization for its expenses in a timely fashion, shall constitute a serious misconduct and subject that member to disciplinary action by the Executive Board.

     Member in Good Standing

Any member whose annual dues are paid in full for the current fiscal year, or who has received a financial hardship waiver from the Executive Board, shall be considered to be a member in good standing
Members Roster:

Rudy Ash
Van Dyke Bailey
Jean Browne
Stanley Browne
Arnold (Lydon) Charles
Keith Cunningham
Dr. Hughes Dougan
Cardon Emmons
Noel Hendrickson
Arthur James
Hyacinth John
Ian John
Benedict Joseph
Dr. Errol King
Arlene Kirton
Noel Kirton
Artie Phills
Steve Prescod
Harold Providence
Aloma Richards
McKevin Richards
Doneth Rose
Evelyn Rose
Carl Stephens
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