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This page was last updated on: July 8, 2017
Fathers Eustan Ulric Commissiong-Jones and Jonathan Everton Walcott Weekes and their families are very thankful to everyone who participated in the Glorious Silver Jubilee Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving on Saturday, September 21, 2002.

The Rev. Father E. Ulric Commissiong-Jones
The Rev Jonathan Everton Walcott Weekes

Celebrated their Silver Jubilee
1977  (25th Anniversary)  2002
Ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests
With a Thanksgiving Eucharist
St. James The Less Episcopal Church
108th Avenue and 166th Street, Queens, New York
West of Merrick Blvd

Chief Celebrant and Preacher: The Rt. Rev Dr. Orris George Walker, Jr.
Con-Celebrants: The Rev. Frs. E. Ulric C-Jones & Jonathan E. Weekes
Master Of Ceremonies:  The Rev. Canon Leopold C. Baynes
Gospeller: The Rev. Fr. Jonathan E. Weekes
Litanist:  The Rev. Fr. Percival George Brown
Bishop's Chaplain:  The Rev. Fr. Dennison Richards
Servers at the Altar: Harold Hal; Eneka Ulric Jones; Stephen Harris; Racine Edwards; Christopher Ishmael; LaToya Scott; Joel Blackman
Lectors:  Mrs. Marilyn Jones, Mrs Judy Weekes, Mr Ulric Jones, Jr.
Soloist:  Mrs. Sharon Jones-Coombs
Organist:  Mr. Kirkland Lindsay (Assisting - Mr. Julian Alexander)
Choirs: The Senior and Junior Choirs of St. James the Less
Oblationers:  Mr. Delroy McBarnett; Mrs. Drina Lewis-Slater; Miss. Cora Williams
Ushers:  Mrs. Phyllis Lewis, Mrs. Hilsa Walker; Mr. Joshua Leslie, Mrs. Avonda Prescod, Mr. Glenn Holder, Mrs. Jacqui Boucher, Mrs. Shirley Brooks.

Both the service and the celebration that followed on the great lawn of the church will always be remembered.  Many thanks to the parishioners of St. James the Less, and many blessings for Frs. Ulric and Jonathan and their families.
Report on the glorious Silver Jubilee
Cheryl (Phills) King

Our congratulations and best wishes to Fr. E. Ulric Commissiong-Jones, Marilyn and their family and Fr.Everton Weekes, Judy and their family on the Silver Jubilee of the Ordination of Fr. Jones and Fr.Weekes to the Sacred Order of Priests in the Anglican/Episcopal church 1977-2002. There was a lovely service of thanksgiving at 11:00 a.m.on Saturday 9/21/02 at St. James The Less
Episcopal Church in Queens, New York where Fr. Jones is the Rector. The
Village was represented by Joel & Joyce Toney, Artie Phills, Cheryl & Baldwin
King, Edward Barrow [a.k.a Edward Harry], Grace Young, Sonja Young, Doren
(Jack) Arthur, Arnold & Merle Steele, Lois Toney, Luthelle Haynes, Cora
Williams, Pat Cumberbatch, The Edwards family- Phyllis [a.k.a Jean] Peggy &
Monty,  Althea (Baynes) Tucker etc. and it was an enjoyable and proud moment
for us. The FSVGS, Inc. representatives included Dr. Errol G. King, Stanley Browne, Arnold (Lydon) Charles, Arlene Kirton, Arthur James, Cardon Emmons, Noel Hendrickson and Artie Phills.

The Bishop Of Long Island The Rt. Rev. Dr. Orris George Walker, Jr.
presided and preached.He talked about what it is like to be a Priest working
in the vineyard. He said that attitude is important in life as in when we
ask the question about whether the glass is half-full or half empty. The
Priest is there in good times and in bad. He mentioned the contribution that
Codrington College (Barbados, W.I.)  is making to his Diocese as there were at least ten "Cods" present at the service. The collection from the service is to be sent to Codrington College for their Building Fund. The air was filled with love
and laughter. The Bishop said that he had never seen a bigger tent than the
one set up on the Great Lawn outside of the church for the reception after
the service since he was at Buckingham Palace for the Lambert Conference of

Fr. Overton Gilkes said that he had taught Fr. Jones at Codrington
College and that prior to that he had married Ulric and Marilyn. He said
that he had taught Fr. Weekes at Bishops College, Kingstown, St. Vincent,  and that he would not say in front of the Bishop how many times he had used the tamarind whip on Fr. Weekes. He also taught Fr. Weekes at Codrington College. So in both cases their paths had crossed twice. Fr. Weekes said that now that they are all grown Fr. Gilkes should know that the two times that he got whipped
by Fr. Gilkes he was innocent but that he was taught a valuable lesson. The
innocent pay for the guilty so surround yourself with good company.
Fr. Weekes was happy to see so many of his friends that he had not seen in a
long time including Jacqueline (James) Boucher etc.

Canon Baynes said that looking at the picture of the two young Priests when
they were ordained there have since been some changes. Fr. Jones had more
hair then ; he said Fr.Jones had gone to the barber the day before and the
barber had told him $10 for a haircut and $5 for a shave so Fr. Jones said
that he would take the shave [on his head]. The Junior Warden at St. James
The Less stated that Ambassador Kingsley Layne phoned twice during the
service and sent a fax as well. Canon Baynes read a letter from Ambassador
Layne sent to him by postal mail. Fr. Jones was exuberant as he reminisced
about his experiences and thanked everyone especially his family, proclaimed
his love and said that his loving wife Marilyn should be made a saint. Happy
birthday, saint Marilyn!![9/20] We love you all, too. As you can see we had
a great time.

Marilyn Jones read a Lesson, Ulric Jones,Jr. led the Psalm, Sharon
Jones-Coombs sang, Eneka Jones served at the Altar and Judy Weekes read The Epistle.  Assisting with the music was Julian (Bobwhite) Alexander.
The food was catered by Sydney Joseph, son of Ms. Eldica, and as I said to
him afterwards, everything was delicious. A huge undertaking. There were
about 400 people present and it was wonderful.
As Mum said the Lord has blessed us from the Village and we are thankful to
Him. Let us give Him the praise.

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