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This page was last updated on: July 8, 2017
FSVGS, Inc. is proud to have the opportunity to provide financial support to needy students in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The organization has a financial Aid management process in place to mentor and oversee the progress of this initiative.
Financial Aid Guideline:

SOURCE:Friends Of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
                     Grammar School For the Promotion of Secondary                               Education (FSVGS Inc.).

AWARD: $ variable amount

CRITERIA:High School students in St Vincent and the
                      Grenadines (SVG) with the need for financial resources                        and mentoring.

1. Admitted to an Secondary School in SVG

2. Possess skills and academic performance to
                         graduate Secondary School

3. Lack financial resources to attend and sustain
                         Secondary School requirements

4. Request financial support from FSVGS Inc

5. Recommendation from Principal of Secondary

DEADLINE:       variable schedule

Financial Aid Management Process:


*Provide financial aid on a timely basis by January 15 and July 15
        of the designated years (2 installments)

*Provide guidelines and criteria for awarding and administering the

*Maintain open and ongoing communications


Mentoring Requirements:

*Communicate with the student parents

*Communicate with the student(s) on a monthly basis, or as

*Communicate with the High School administration as required

*Collect and review sponsor's copy of the student's report

*Inform student(s) and parents about FSVGS activities

*Provide early notification when discontinuance is eminent

Record Keeping Requirements:

*Maintain financial records including bank statements, cancelled
        checks and support for disbursements

Reporting Requirements:

*Provide FSVGS with quarterly financial reports

*Provide copy of student academic report to FSVGS on a
        quarterly basis

*Provide Mentor's student report to FSVGS with

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